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While you will benefit from hiring a professional to guide you more in-depth, take advantage of all the FREE resources out there in the online world.


Scroll through, find your field, and educate yourself. If you’re more advanced, we are currently preparing resources for more established individuals. If you would like to hire a professional, contact us here.



Entering the music scene can be scary, especially when you don’t know the dos and don’ts just yet. Credible influencers such as Adam Ivy and KDMR Music have been mentoring music artists for years. Here are a few helpful videos. If you’re serious about your career in music, you have to put in the work and educate yourself. It’s best to learn the basics and business world of entertainment first.



It’s never too late to pursue an acting or directing passion. However, the competition is fierce, so you must be prepared. Channels like Acting Career Center have helped both beginner and Hollywood status talents. For more advanced talents, we’ve included a few videos for you as well.

Models | Influencers

No gate-keeping here. We share all the fundamentals in these roles. Now is the perfect time to prepare and/or strengthen these skills. With agencies closed, the entire industry is solely online. Submissions and all. Models and influencers come in all shapes, sizes, features, ethnicities, horoscopes, and all. There are scouts/brands looking for models/influencers that look just like you. Influencer/Model Rowena Karmy is one of our favorites.

Entertainment Professionals

We need you. Producers, managers, A&Rs, publicists, etc. We, the people of the entertainment industry, need you. You are the backbone of many careers. Behind-the-scenes work is a must. Whether a beginner or advanced professional, we’ve put together credible videos you can absorb.