Meet "Xtormy", a highly respected talented entertainer who is taking the music scene by storm! Based in the city of Chicago, Xtormy is building a name for himself that more and more people are beginning to recognize. With a heart of humility, and a passion to help others, this rising star is bound for success! It's not usually hard to find someone who possesses praiseworthy talent. However, it is uncommon to find someone who possesses multiple praiseworthy talents! Xtormy is not only a gifted dancer, he is also a phenomenal songwriter, a gifted singer, and a pretty amazing actor as well!

In the younger days of his youth, Xtormy gravitated towards the captivating presence of the entertainment industry. His passion for musical theater, dancing, and music became the driving force in his life. With star power influences like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Darryl Coley, Fred Hammond, Judy Garland and Motown, it's no wonder his talent is making headlines. His debut EP project “Egoism” is now available on streaming platforms everywhere! Do yourself a favor and go stream his EP!

“Egoism” is a one of kind Pop/R&B/Dance music project that was purposefully created to reflect the personal life experiences of Xtormy. Jupiter’s Woe - is a song on the EP that was written based on a bad relationship that Xtormy had with someone that almost ruined his life, and his music career. Have you ever just wanted a relationship to work out? But you deep inside you knew that it wasn't going to because you and the other person were just not mentally compatible? Well, if you answered yes then you're definitely going to connect with the song Jupiter’s Woe.

“Jar The Floor”. - Xtormy.

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