Video Premiere: Zacariah 100 - "Dallas Starz"

Zacariah 100 wants you to shine like the starz you are. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Zacariah adopted the nickname "100" since he always keeps it 100, as this "Texas Boy" says. Premiering June 20th, the official music video compliments the "Dallas Starz" single November 2020 release. With positive responses from audiences, it was only right to show out, as the Texans say. A special guest within the video includes Lil Ronnie from DSR.

"I'm Zacariah 100, the 100 is cuz I keep it that way." - Zacariah 100

Introduced to music at a young age, his father was in a band and the inspired, young Zacariah would grow to pursue music himself. With time, he developed an ear for music and love for hip hop. Major milestones include opening for Erykah Badu, Tedashi, Flame, Vrose, and Canon and Tum Tum. It is safe to say that the starz aligned for him, no pun intended.

With many achievements under his belt, The Booth Magazine can confidently endorse the rising talent for his versatility, skills, and hype, all while keeping the vibes positive. The rising talent radiates good energy and talent, and he keeps it that way. And to that we say shine on.

Be sure to check out the official music video above and follow him on social media. Instagram | For more click his Linktree here.