Versatile Female Artist Muriel Wants You to 'Trust the Process' (New Release Review)

An Official Booth Magazine Review

Muriel Argueta, also known for her alter ego, The OakCliffPrincess, is a versatile female artist based in Dallas, Texas. This past week, the multi-genre talented artist released her debut EP titled, Trust the Process.

In a short four songs, she was able to showcase her dynamic musical skills, with each song belonging in a different genre and vibe. This EP has a favorite song for listeners of all genres. We had our favorite hit: "He Said".

The Booth Magazine had the privilege of catching up with the rising artist and getting a sneak peak of the EP before its release. After listening to the EP on repeat, we are eager to hear some of her upcoming music projects, but let's focus on this gem right here.

Muriel's Trust the Process gets a solid 5 stars from The Booth.

The boldness it takes to release a debut EP is something an artist confident in their abilities and dreams possesses. That alone we notice and respect. Muriel revealed different styles and sides of herself as a creative, leaving listeners excited to hear what else she is capable of.

What is important to note, however, is the fine line between versatility and confusion: confusion of what an artists sound is. Luckily, Muriel was able to avoid confusing audiences on what type of artist she is. What we noticed is that her alter ego, The OakCliffPrincess, allows her to take on rap/hip hop and step out of the comfort zone R&B and Pop may box an artist in.

Here is one example: When listening to her previous single, "Snapped", we were shocked it was the same artist on one track. Flawlessly, she lays down bars to compliment the song's chorus. Both her vocals and rap skills are up to par, especially at this phase of her career.

This level of versatility combined with the determination that she possesses is one recipe for success that only Muriel has. It is only a matter of time before she becomes a familiar voice and face worldwide, we just have to Trust the Process.

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