Top Weekly Release: Rashad B - "Spontaneous"

Rashad B is an R&B artist and Native Detroiter, and up next from a city that has developed some of the greatest musicians and singers to ever record has done it again. The singer/songwriter has a very unique sound that the world needs to hear. This week, he introduces his current new hit, "Spontaneous".

Last month, he was seen on This is 50 on Must-Listen-To Independent Artists of 2021, proudly ranking the chart due to his his undeniable talent.

Rashad B is also a Native Detroiter and graduate of Michigan State University. He’s opened for Day 26 (Atlantic/Bad Boy Records) and also made it pass first 2 rounds on “The Voice” and was just added to Detroit River Days. With a range that’s eye opening and a look that women love he’s impossible to deny! IG: @4RASHADB

Stream Below: