Moesha Buckholtz, better known as “MO_OX5" is an upcoming female rap artist based in the heart of Deerfield Beach, Florida. This woman of God is on fire for Jesus! She loves spreading the good news about what the Lord has done in her life. Moesha was born on June 14 ,1998. When Moesha was a little baby, she got very sick do to the parental negligence of her biological mother. The sickness got so bad, that the doctors said she wouldn’t live to see her first birthday. But God had other plans. Amen!

As the Lord would have it, this beautiful miracle child not only saw her first birthday, but 23 more birthdays after that! As the life of MO_OX5 began to unfold, she began to see more and more that the hand of God was upon her. And that He wanted her to give Him glory, honor, and praise with her story. It wasn’t long Moesha before she started noticing her passion for music. Certain notes and melodies became like medicine that had a healing impact on her heart and her mind. As time went on, Moesha felt led to start doing music on her own. And when she did, she knew in her heart that she was going to use her talents to give glory and honor to the true and living King — Jesus Christ.

So where did Moesha get her passion for music? Well, when she was growing up her mom always loved to sing. And her brothers, along with her sister always played instruments like the keyboard and drums. Because of the influence of her family members, Moesha not only developed a passion for doing music herself, she also became interested in learning how to play instruments as well. Over the years, she acquired the skills to play drums. And now she faithfully plays them for her church, New beginnings Worship Center. This is the same church she’s been attending since she was a little girl.

One of the newest songs written by “MO_OX5” is titled “FEEL SAFE”. We thought that was such an intriguing title, so we contacted the rap artist personally to ask her what the song was about.She replied telling us that:“The song is based on the story of my birth. It is about feeling safe in the arms of God even when so many things are going on in your life. With God, I never would have made it. And I know that with all my heart. It is so important to trust God with our lives, and to obey Him at His word. When we do this, we can hear His voice so much clearer. And He is faithful to show us the next steps in our journey. God is able to give us His peace and new opportunities when we choose not to worry about the things people say or what they do. God is so much bigger that our temporary trials, and His power is far above the negative words people speak. I highly recommend that people to listen to the lyrics of the song.”

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