The Spotlight on Indie Artists

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The music scene is growing and evolving, and independent artists have the spotlight more than ever before. All eyes are on independent music artists. They’ve proven that one does not need a major label to successfully release hit singles. Presented by Popular Vote, here are must-listen-to-hits and projects of 2021 to recognize. Read The Source original post here.

2K Ponce Juno - “Go Pretty Girl” - 2K Ponce Juno is back with another hit single! Go Pretty Girl has a positive feel good vibe which is danceable and an infectious that highlights beautiful women everywhere. | IG: @2kponcejuno

Ali “Monalisa” feat. French Montana - Currently one of the highest ranked artists

hailing from Michigan, Ali aka SomeArabGuy, turned heads with his

history-making single, “Mona Lisa” featuring French Montana. Achieving one

million streams under 24 hours of its release, “Mona Lisa” spread like wildfire,

reaching over 20,000 Spotify playlists on its own. This May, the serial

entrepreneur launched DX8 (Delta 8 Exchange) Crypto Currency, becoming a

billionaire overnight. IG: @somearabguy

Annalisa feat. Julian Pavone “Secret Love” - Julian Pavone, holder of the title "The

Youngest Professional Drummer" from the time he was four years old, and

his sister, Annalisa Pavone, a sought-after vocalist that performed on the

Tonight Show at just seven years old, teamed up with Music Composer and

Producer, Norman "Ace" West to create the new R&B hit,

"Secret Love". Annalisa Pavone is an exceptional vocalist who is

involved with her older brother Julian performing and songwriting. She appeared

and performed on the Tonight Show in 2013 at just seven years old, along with

countless other shows and venues. | IG: @julianpavonemusic @annalisapavv

Bettie Gang Twins - “Big Homie” - Big Homie is a song about how well you

are living and doing and being able to help others as “the Big Homie”. | IG:


Bobby Real Montgomery “Yeah Yeah Yeah” - This is a Bobby Real Montgomery hit song,

featured in a Hollywood blockbuster titled, Under Stadium Lights, starring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson and many more major names. The song is encouraging and inspiring that’s full of a

unique St. Louis flavor. Real takes listeners on a ride into his poor upbringing in the streets of East St Louis ILL, where he and his family faced many challenges but eventually triumphed over them all. Under the Stadium Lights hits theatres in June 2021, so be sure to keep your ears open for the positive, encouraging tune. IG: @realpursuit

Brisco Bash - “Life Es Rica” - Brisco Bash is back with a hot new EP titled

“Life Es Rica”. The Bronx, NY is known as the home and birthplace of hip hop.

Because of this, many talented creatives are inspired to pursue music. Born and

raised in the Boogie Down, Brisco Bash aka Vito grew up in a Caribbean

household. His upbringing is his main source of inspiration. He uses the

challenges and stories of his life to inspire and produce timeless yet

enjoyable music. Check out “Life Es Rica” now! | IG: @BrissVito

C.T. ft. La Chat - “Money Talks” - C.T. is setting the streets on fiah with his hot new single titled “Money Talks” ft. La Chat. This is the get money anthem of 2021! Check it out now and keep an eye on C.T. as he’s quickly rising to the top! | IG: @CT_ChrisTerry

Chud’e ‘Beauty From Ashes’ - Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, in the early 90’s, Chud’e

immersed himself in the hiphop/r&b scene of that era while growing up. In

more recent years after becoming a born again Christian, his passion for music

blossomed into inspirational messages of hope for all his listeners. Set to

release Winter 2021, ‘Beauty From Ashes’ is an album of healing and realness

for a world full of much division.” IG: @chude7

D Kirk KV - “Understanding” - D Kirk KV has a hot new summer hit single

called “Understanding” featuring Maylia. His new single is featured on his

upcoming project ‘WAVES‘, which releases in Summer 2021. D Kirk expertly blends

dancehall with hip hop and R&B elements. Maylia executes beautifully on

this track, intertwining her vocals with D Kirk’s to a pleasant effect. The

production on this track really really sets the mood. The vibe makes it perfect

for chilling at the beach, or pretending to be at the beach during a pandemic.

“Understanding” is a really good record that has been gaining global recognition. Check it out now! | IG: @DKirk_KV

D. Denzel - “Love You Anyways” - D. Denzel is back with another banger! His new release is about persevering in relationships and trying to see past flaws. Make sure you check out “Love You Anyways” now! Look out for new music from D. Denzel dropping soon! | IG: @D.Denzel3

DIAB10 “Through It All” - DAIB10 is back with more heat! The rising artist just released “Through It All” is a smooth melodic song with a calming flow. DIAB10 highlights the inner workings of modern relationships by using a realistic situation and expressing it through lyrics. | IG: @DenverInternational

Dkay - “Pull Up” - Dabbling in between producing and recording this creative has crafted up a hot new single titled “Pull Up”. His infusion of West Coast influence over international production is what makes “Pull Up” standout. It is truly a record that embodies the musical direction he is taking as a recording artist. He left no crumbs for his competitors to eat as he prolifically annihilates each lyric. | IG: @RudeBoyDkay

Donn P - ”Datz My Bih” - Brooklyn, New York, rapper Donn P is an artist and co-founder of the independent record label ‘Str8DropEmpire’. Donn P’s style can be considered witty street-centered, gritty and unorthodox. "My music is a reflection of who I am, what I’ve been through, and my growth from hustler to business entrepreneur,” Donn P says. Check out his new release ”Datz My Bih” now! | IG: @the_holyhustler

Frank D - “Mad” Frank D is back with a new hit single titled “Mad”. This is about being mad and going mad (crazy). Worrying about what you don’t have or your life situation can make you mad especially when you start to compare your situation to other people. Being broke can make you mad and cause you to do some irrational things. Obsessing over what you see on TV can drive you mad. Sometimes we do anything to be like what we see on tv, when half the time it ain’t even real. Frank D says, “I’ve seen people lose they mind tryna get like people in some of these videos from drugs to tryna be gangster and they not really built like that. So it’s just a combination of being mad and going mad”. | IG: @Frank_D_615_

Gabrielle Lynn - "Peace" - Gabrielle Lynn and producer RioTheyNeedAHit return with a visual for her latest single, "Peace." The song gives us the message that in a relationship, we should be each other's safe place. Gabrielle says, "In a world of uncertainties, it would be so nice to be able to go home to that special someone and be at peace, knowing that no matter what we will always be there for one another and no matter how hard life gets, we can come home to each other and Even though I don’t have that right now, I hope this for my future relationship." | IG: @GabrielleLhenry

Gage - “Hyperspace” - Gage just dropped a hot new single titled "Hyperspace" produced by the Alchemist. This is the first single released from his new album "Lord of the Fly 2" which is out now on all streaming platforms. Gage paints an audio picture about his lifestyle and views on life with metaphors and double entendres. Make sure you check out this dope joint! | IG: @KingGage_

Groovyie - “Sierra Ave” - As I was looking to complete my debut studio album ‘Veterans Park’ (set to drop Summer 2021) I had just finished producing one of my favorite beats for the album. Around the same time I had listened to 9th Wonder’s newest album ‘Zion V’ and I noticed something - there’s only 1 rapper on this thing, some dude named Ian Kelly, who killed everything he touched. I reached out and he agreed to do a verse. I didn’t really have a concept at first, but I just knew the beat sounded triumphant and that this was going to be the lead single. What better way to lead such an Inland Empire-centric album than by representing my hometown (Fontana) with it’s main street - Sierra Avenue. Ian did his verse first, and I came back with possibly the best verse I had written at the time - and the only time I’ve ever re-written a verse. We’re still debating who won on that track. | IG: @Groovyie

G-Terra - "Organic" - Organic is the wave right now, after so many years of observation in this world it's clear to see that what we need more than ever now is everything that is natural & real. ORGANIC (Song & video) is a representation of the times and what we need to focus on for a better life overall, original food, original herbs, original life, organic living that will sustain us..the message is clear...ORGANIC ORGANIC see the gluten, you should walk far from it...nothing fake is healthy, neither food or relations. Check it out! | IG: @G7Terra

Harmini “This Changes Everything” - This year is one of great influence and

achievements for the Texas-based Christian artist. With surprises on the way,

Harmini is currently in the spotlight in his category. He has gained his fame

from his master singing and rapping skills, acting, and impact in the

entertainment industry. Releasing a new single each month, his impact is

becoming a global movement. His newest release, “This Changes

Everything”, is the main soundtrack in Laurence Fishburne’s Hollywood

film ‘Under the Stadium Lights’ releasing this summer. Be on the look-out for

Harmini this fall at God’s House of Hip Hop Summer Fest where he takes the

stage in a crowd of over 22,000 attendees. IG: @Harmini731

Haze OPC - “You Smile I Smile, You Cry I Cry” - Loyalty over royalty is

more than just words, It’s a lifestyle based on principles and one of the core

values Official Paper Chasers Records is built on. Love is the reason and

driving factor behind a lot of things. It makes it easier when going through

difficult times and makes good times merrier when celebrating with people that

help you pull through it. International Haze is back & harder than ever

dropping off his new single “You Smile I Smile, You Cry I Cry”. | IG: @mr_paper_chaser_opc

Hyena Squad - “Mamiz” - Hyena Squad consists of artists Derange Da Messiah & Iced Out. They are bringing you the hot new single “Mamiz” produced by Kaz Drumatik. Hyena Squad has promotion and distribution with Authentic Empire Music Group based in Atlanta, GA. Check out this dope joint now! | IG: @517Derange @KingIcedOut32

Kamalzi ‘Grind Season’ - This talent is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Kansas City,

Missouri. Using his music to share God’s message, the artist strives to reach

the lost. His music is encouraging to listeners, supporters, and even new fans.

The artist released a project titled ‘Grind Season’ doing just that. It

is a riveting seven-track album that drops more thought-provoking truth for us

to hold up an armor-defense umbrella, against the heat of this crazy world. IG:


KI Back At It - “Beg For Her Kisses” - Born and raised in a rather rough part

of NJ, we introduce to you KI Back At It. With over 30 singles and 6 albums, KI

Back At It has proven he can go the distance and is destined to be at the top.

Since the beginning, KI has participated in street and prison rap battles, but

didn't treat music as a business until the internet era. Not only is KI

versatile in creating different genres, flows, production and songwriting, KI

is also CEO of Jersey we lit records. The NJ rapper/CEO believes in mentoring

the youths and also shares his knowledge with others that have a keen interest

in the music business. KI Back At It's latest single "Beg for her

kisses" is a romantic tune all can enjoy. It has a catchy melody in the

hook, as KI lay down smooth deep vocals, and punchline bar after bar in the

verses. Beg for her kisses is streaming on all platforms. | IG: @Ki.Backatit

Kick 5000 - “Offer” - Kick 5000 is a generational musician who specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. Having realized that he has the talent and passion, he decided to study music; after spending countless hours listening to catalogs of music, he honed his skills and worked on his melodies. His new hit single “Offer” speaks of his transition from NY to FLA. It speaks about how he has the skills to accommodate almost anything he needs and how his growth of music is bringing in multiple offers that did not exist. Make sure you check out “Offer” now! | IG: @Kick_5000_Music

Kofi Jenkins ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ : Kofi Jenkins just dropped a hot new album titled To Kill A Mockingbird which is about the newer artists who don't mind not being themselves, who'll do anything to get on the charts. Even if it means mimicking someone else like a Mockingbird does. So in order to kill the Mockingbird, who emulates what it hears, one must sing a song that the Mockingbird cannot replicate. His new album features the hit single "Mumblecide", track number 2 is the first song recorded for the album after the death of his best friend Katie Elizabeth Austin. The artist was about to take a hiatus when Cash M.B.M.G. emailed him the track with the hook already laid. He knew he wasn't feeling rap at the moment and wasn't at his best. Kofi just wanted to release his pain and not hold it in. He went into Platinum Sound Studios on a warpath and this was the outcome. IG: @PillsburyGodMc

Kolton Pierce - Former Lifetime Reality Star and rising artist Kolton

Pierce hit the ground running this year, as he released new music back to back.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the versatile talent reached audiences nationwide, even

reaching countries on an international level. Kolton is most known for his

singles “Salsa” and “Gold” and he has more catchy tunes on the way. | IG:


Krookz King “100” - Rising artist Krookz King returns with a hot new single titled “100”. This joint is str8 fish! Make sure you check it out now and follow Krookz King on IG for his latest releases! | IG: @KrookzKing

KYRO - “Mafia” ft. Don Lee Da Don - Rising artist KYRO just dropped a hot new single titled “Mafia” ft. Don Lee Da Don. Check out this dope joint about street life in California now! | IG: @kyrobethedopest @donleedadon

LA.Breadwinner - “VVS” - This hit is simply a fire weed that’s crystallized thc you can visually see on the weed is some of the top and best weed out just like my music. You can sit back, chill and get fresh with a nice person while indulging in cannabis catching nothing but positive vibes. That is what VVS is about. | IG: @la.breadwinner

Lyons “Robocop” - Based in California, Lyons, aka Natalie

Lyons, just about sparked the next dance trend with her single “Robocop”. She

tastefully blends 90’s hip hop vibes and modern flavor in this upbeat single,

and the official music video brings its fun atmosphere to life. With new music

on the way, Lyons is eager to reveal what is to come in 2021. | IG:


Musmah - “Spicy” - Spicy is the leading single of Musmah's EP titled

Hotel: Lafayette. The David Angel track is a feel-good summary afro-fusion

track that emphasizes a stress-free relationship between Musmah and his muse. | IG: @musmah

Newby - “Take Out” - This single is about the fast relationships that are happening constantly. It’s so quick, you can’t even sit down and talk. You just get it to go. it’s more of a jaded vibe. The hip hop Song consists of internal and external thoughts on dating and past experiences relating to the theme. | IG: @N3W6Y

Oakland Manny - “Evil” - Oakland Manny’s new hit single “Evil” is a very high energy hip hop track targeted for the youth of the future! It’s a motivational, upbeat song to kickstart your day! Check it out now! | IG: @OaklandMannyMusic

Omatic "Got2havit" - “Feed Em” - Rising G2H Ent. artist Omatic just released the 1st single off the “FORCE FEED’EM” album dropping in July 21’. Check out this hot new joint now and make sure you follow him on IG for his latest releases. | IG: @GottoHavit

Omen44 - "Hentai" DJ Minoyama Mix ft. Dj Shark - With the immense amount of success, both nationally and internationally from Omen44’s ‘Hentai’ album, it only makes sense to keep fans at bay with a free downloadable ‘Hentai’ DJ Minoyama Mix. The mix available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Audiomack includes an exclusive track by DJ Shark with Omen44 on drums and bass. The video for the 35-minute album mix embodies the vision Omen44 created for each track and is impeccably highlighted with authentic Hip Hop cadences mixed with polished cuts and scratches, and gritty, yet soulful tones. ‘Hentai’ DJ Minoyama Mix is sure to have Hip Hop enthusiasts repetitively pressing play. | IG: @OmenFourFour

Onassis - "Aint Going Back" - A mid tempo, energetic anthem; Aint Going Back is a bold statement on personal growth & forward progression. Onassis demonstrates an effortless ability to be relatable, witty and catchy all at the same time, creating an infectious, hypnotic bop you can’t help but connect with. This TripiLz produced record has hit written all over it. | IG: @youngonassis

Passport Gift & Parks ft. Magi Camaj - "Hard Pass" - These three New York artists are legendary, especially when combined together. "Hard Pass" is a single in the project: No Hard Feelings 3. Gift is gifted when it comes to lyricism, possessing a unique voice. Parks is a genius when it comes to the soundboard, making exceptional music. Magi Camaj is a legend with the pen, her chilling voice, and poetry, making everyone around her feel whatever she says. "Hard Pass" is here to show you what one aspect of love sounds like. | IG: @magicamaj @parksmusic @passportgift

Prince Oli - "They Don't Know" - Prince Oli is A Florida songwriter and R&B singer ready to show the world what he’s made of. On his latest single “TDK” he takes his original sound to the next level melodically serenading his female listeners with a spin on 90’s R&B sensation Jon B’s classic “They Don’t Know”. This record lets listeners know that R&B is reaching new heights if Prince Oli has anything to do with it. He prompts love, respect, and maturity in a sonically pleasing way from beginning to end with every word that leaves his mouth. “TDK” is a record destined to bring the lovers together to create an infectious genuine vibe. | IG: @iamprinceoli

Rock Mayfield “Gotta Feel Me” - Alternative

Hip-Hop/Emo Rap Artist is a lyrical storyteller. He was raised in a single

parent household with a determined mother “fighting to make sure he had the

best of the world we live in.” Rock Mayfield’s stage name has a story, similar

to his music. In honor of his father, the artist decided to add “Rock” in front

of his last name “Mayfield” to remind him of his father and to remain hard like

a “rock” during hard times. This spring, Rock Mayfield released “Gotta Feel

Me” where he opens up about the tragic pain that he went through when his

cousin Danny Mayfield passed from his homicide shooting. Rock Mayfield heals

through music and he has more on the way. | IG: rock_mayfield94

Samuel “Miracle” Brown - ‘Skeletons’ - The Skeletons cd project is an album that is meant to get conversations started. Should we reveal our past? The good and the bad? How

will people look at us if we reveal our dirty laundry? He has

a message for us all in his music. The artist says, “Well, God said that the

past is not how He views us. He sees us through the righteousness of His son

Jesus Christ. He sees the work that is completed. Our sins are forgiven, and

although we may be red as crimson, dirty and dingy, and sour like lemons, God

will make us as white as snow.”

Saneit - “Give Love To Me” - Hailing from the west

side of Chicago, singer and song-writer Saneit is the new R&B

sensation. The songstress has spent the last few years establishing her name in

the ever changing music circuit, growing and displaying chameleon-like

diversity by developing her sound with every new release. Check out “Give Love

To Me Now” | IG: @iamSaneit

Sean Greenstreet - “Goodbye” - Sean Greenstreet is back and better than ever with his new hit single “Goodbye” that has just recently been released on all platforms. The talented artist from Los Angeles, CA, has been on a steady rise since the release of his single “Well Done” last year. Having been in the music industry for a long time before his first release, Sean began hitting a serious stride during lockdowns last year and has been able to maintain this momentum into the new year. 2021 is going to be a very big year for Sean Greenstreet. | IG: @theofficialseangreenstreet

Sean Moore “All On Cam” - Sean Moore is coming out the gate strong this year in 2021 with a brand new mixtape hosted by DjThaKidQuest, along with a hot new single titled "All On Cam", which is buzzing across the country right now. Sean will also be dropping two major music videos and heading out on a seven city tour for the summer/fall season 2021. Look out for Sean Moore, he's up next! | IG: @iam.seanmoore

Sean Olivera “On and On” - Sean Olivera gives believers a message w/ single “On &

On”. The artist has a deeper meaning and motive with the single, stating:

“This song is a reminder to believers that life goes on when you have God.

Everything is temporary, so we should be focused on the bigger picture and the

eternal.” | IG: @sean_olivera

Sevant - “Out The Cage” - This hit song about breaking out of a toxic situation/ relationship with someone you still care about and have love for. Even though you may be on different pages, it doesn’t have to mean there are any hard feelings. | IG: @SevantSnow

Sickemore - "Do It Colossal" - The song is called "Do It Colossal". The beat was Produced by Cashmere Brown. I heard the beat and thought "this beat is on point". I started to hum the flow, and my cousin always used to say "keep it one hun-dun(100)" but it didn't sound right when I kept saying it to the beat. So i said "keep it one hundo". Immediately after I said that, the lyrics fell into place and I kept repeating it. It made me feel good, made me feel colossal and I wanted to share a message that can cause someone to feel the same. Turn up the volume and feel big. | IG: @Sickemore

Tito Starr - “Kloud 9” - Tito Starr is a Panamanian American recording artist on the rise over recent years. Born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Miami, Fl and has currently been in the Baltimore & DMV area for about 15 years now. He just dropped a hot new album called "Rejuvenated" featuring production from multiple platinum producer Cashmoney Ap & Grammy Award nominated producer K.E.On The Track, Chop Houze Spoon & more. The lead single “Kloud 9" continues to receive global radio play along with follow up single is "Ain't No Waiting" produced by K.E.On The Track. | IG: @titostarr1

Tony $huffle - “Krillin” - Tony $huffle just released a hot new single titled “Krillin”. The artist found inspiration for his new single when he was watching Dragon Ball Z one day and the idea popped into his head. It's produced by “7Teen” a producer that he found on YouTube. Check out this dope joint now! | IG: @Wolsent1

Travis Shyn - "Quicksilver" - It is not every day that an artist emerges out of the chaos and begins making a name for himself independently. Over the last few years, Travis Shyn has been creating music through self-expression and has amassed a small following across his social media and streaming accounts. Born in the streets of South Korea, Travis Shyn made a divine promise, that if someone would help lift him off of the ground, that one day he would be able to do the same for another person. That day came when he was adopted by a Korean-American family in the Northwest. Travis is now based out of Washington, DC, and has been making music seriously for 3 years. | IG: @realtravisshyn

Tribe Mafia - “Hurt” feat. Rora Wilde: Tribe Mafia is an American hip-hop duo originating from Austin, Texas is formed by two friends, Chinasa Broxton and Carlos “Dashawn Daniels”

Moore. In 2019, they signed a single distribution deal with Sony Music’s The

Orchard. Debuting their first international track, “Like Cola” climbed over a

million hits on YouTube. In March 2020, the duo released their debut studio

album Teepee Gang, which was deemed a “Certified Texas Anthem” by

the central communities of Austenite listeners — Electric Lady Bird, a music

library. The duo does well with teasing their fans by dropping unanticipated

singles from their highly anticipated dancehall album ‘It’s a Tribe Ting’.

Together, Broxton and Moore have continued to advance in their musical

profession along with paving the way for other local acts in their immediate

social network to succeed. After being selected as an official SXSW artist, the

group commenced their own live showcase production “Tribe Mafia Listening

Party,” a platform for upcoming artists to network, receive income, and

exposure by showcasing their talents with individuals with a common interest.

Recent releases include “Hurt” and “Testify”, with music videos soon to be

released in the coming months. Fans are eager to hear and watch the single and

video to “I Wanna Know”. Also on the way, the Afro-European sound Tribe

Mafia will present this summer will make you want to “Move Your Body”. Stay

tuned! IG: @tribemafiamusic

Willy J Peso - ‘Planet Peso’ - The home of many talents, Detroit has been in the

spotlight for quite some time. Willy J Peso happens to be one of the rising

stars to stem from the city. Making a strong release, his album ‘Planet

Peso’ spread like wildfire. This is his 8th full length project, and audiences

are impressed, especially at his collaboration with Hip-Hop legend and Oakland,

CA native Yukmouth of The Luniz on Planet Peso‘s Track 5: “Trip To The Bay”.

Yukmouth of The Luniz is popularly known for his timeless hit single “I Got 5

On It”. Willy J Peso has more surprises up his sleeve, stay tuned. | IG:


WPNOFLOVE – “I'm Good, Luv” - The lead single off his upcoming debut album “Happy Hour” is about a woman continuously choosing to deal with a man who isn’t really 100% in the relationship. More so about the timing of when this said “man” chooses to involve himself right when she’s “good” on the whole situation. In a sense, it’s a manipulation game regardless of his intent and we aimed to bring those emotions to life with the visual, out now on YouTube. | IG: @WPNOFLOVE

The entertainment industry is one of the most impactful industries, and the above artists are boldly leading the wave of rising artists using their music to reach audiences and express themselves. Also featured on The Booth, 2Trill and more, this chart is the start of something iconic. From new music to upcoming events, the listed artists are ready to showcase for what’s to come and plan on ending 2021 with a banger.