Tez the Don: The Creative You Must Get Familiar With

Who is Tez the Don?

Hailing from Michigan, Tez the Don hit the ground running most recently. Unexpected by current audiences, he rapidly reached top media recognition and attention.

He has the image, the sound, and the dedication - key traits of a successful artist.

There is a recipe to success only few learn of, and he has the secret ingredients. Tez can be perceived differently from listener to listener, as each song he puts out gives off a different vibe. However, his voice remains familiar. No matter the style of execution, we hear him.

While he can portray different personalities and moods in his music for all to choose from, his goal remains the same: make good music. Mixtape of the Year is his most impactful project thus far. Gaining momentum from the album, he was not expecting to have 2020's "mixtape of the year" usher in blessings and the spotlight for 2021.

Audiences speculate that Tez the Don is preparing to present yet another music project of the year. To get hip to his most recent interviews and features, read Medium, Thisis50, or Artists to Watch. | Follow on Instagram here.