Sports: Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul Brawl at Press Event

Today's promo event for June 6's fight: Mayweather vs. Paul went left...and right.

After a heated back-and-forth "talk" on how Floyd is welcome to fight both Jake and Logan Paul (official fighter for June 6th's event) Jake pulls his hat off, runs, and says, "Gotcha hat."

Within seconds, Floyd rushes after Jake Paul and physically attacks him, throwing punches and pushing guards out the way.

Twitter says the scuffle was justified, while others believe Floyd responded with excessive force. Jake Paul was held down by bodyguards, leaving him no way to defend himself. Some fans agree that there should be arrests.

As of right now, Jake Paul walks away with a black eye, broken teeth, and (potentially) a broken nose. Floyd and his bodyguards who participated in the act of "beating Jake up" are currently being questioned.