Rora Wilde Draws On Her Own Personal Experience With "Ni Modo"

Zulia Barrios 5 min read

Rora Wilde is an American singer-songwriter from Rio Grande, Texas. The musically inclined singer is a phenomenal performer who has one hell of a voice. While performing live she’s equipped with just an acoustic guitar, a glass of water and a room crammed of crazed fans. Wilde does well in successfully seizing every moment on stage with her emotive vocals.

On her latest Album “Ni Modo,” Wilde adds more gradation to typical stories of romance, shifting the narrative lens to offer supplementary views on the messy trade of love and everything that falls in between. In this album, The artist shares unorthodox stories that do not always get heard. A personal favorite from the album is Wilde’s “About You” track, the song is backed by drums, disorienting-sounding strings and with studio piano chords that is more uncouth and colder in its fury; Wilde slings short phrases like a knife-thrower.

This song transcends practically all differences, making it extremely relevant to almost anyone. Some may say “About You” offers one of the best displays of Wilde’s vocal range on the entire album. As an songwriter, Wilde stands strong in bearing thorny feelings with open-faced emotions.

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