Parallel Sounds' Mixed by Philip: Meet the Top Rated Producer and Engineer

An Atmosphere You Can't Replicate

Recognized as one of the top 5 best studios on The Detroit Entrepreneur, MixedbyPhilip’s studio, Parallel Sounds, ranked at number two. Amongst the competition in the music entertainment industry, the producer, engineer, and entrepreneur expanded Parallel Sounds from the average studio to one of the most attractive spots in the area, offering podcast equipment & recording space, multiple rooms, and an upgraded atmosphere. Gaining the attention and appeal of many local artists, MixedbyPhilip and the Parallel Sounds team offers a home to up and coming talents seeking a spot to build their careers.

After visiting Parallel Sounds for the first time, it was one of the most impressive studios I have been to. Working with dozens of local artists, I often visit during sessions, and many go to Phil, trusting him to get their song right. And he does. every time.

With a vision and plans to expand far beyond what he has this year, it is safe to say that this entrepreneur and popularly known recording studio will become a strong competitor in its field in entertainment.

Artists: To book with Parallel Sounds click here. (You won't be disappointed!)

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