NTRNT "Mea Culpa" New Visuals (Official Video)

NTRNT is a 22 year old artist born in Detroit, Michigan and raised between Detroit and Phoenix, Arizona. Coming from a musical background, NTRNT has many different sounds and musical talents to capture not only your ear but your mind and heart.

From the melodies to the lyrics themselves, it’s an ensemble of carefully pieced parts. With NTRNT, music is about expressing yourself while also being realistic about what it is you want for yourself. Never going too far where he isn’t comfortable and never staying too close to the same where it becomes boring.

NTRNT is back with new visuals for “Mea Culpa”. With a new and unique sound, NTRNT is telling a story with "Mea Culpa" that pushes the boundaries of the current musical atmosphere. Honest and Raw, the 22 year old artist is showing his versatility and seems to be just getting started.