New Music: Intuwiish a.k.a Wish - "Big Deal Freestyle"

Lauryn B a.k.a “Wish” is an aspiring rapper and songwriter from the westside of Detroit, MI. Her first experience as an artist was her ability to make music at the age of 2 with peoples names and titles. She was always humming and singing tunes. Her mom, Trina was and is her biggest influence as she was always encouraging her to try any and everything to see if she liked it. The goal was to ALWAYS work hard and do your best. During the last few years Wish has been writing music about her different life journeys and embraced different names such as Londyn Phoenixx, Ryn B, Lauryn B and came to finally be “Intuwiish”, or “Big Wish."

After graduating high school, and trying multiple exciting job ventures, Wish decided she enjoyed spending the majority of her time in the studio, where she was able to leave everything in the booth. After spending years in the studio for fun, she decided that she wanted to pursue a serious career in music. Music is something that’s in you and you’re born with, there’s no school to teach you, there are classes to enhance your talent but the ultimate goal for Wish is to write and perform music that people can relate to, enjoy, and vibe to.

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