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Rising artist ArtstLp, born Olando Hunt, is a 29 year old rapper/songwriter skilled in Hip Hop/R&b.


"I'm looking for opportunities to make a impact on the industry with my lyrics/ flow," he shares. "The way people can hear any beat, & create an idea from it no matter if it’s my story or a story being told for someone else."

The rising artist has the ability to speed up his flow or slow it down, riding the beat is what he takes perfection in . Music for him is art , he hears the beat , catches a vibe instantly & Ideas come to mind within a hour or 2 he’s already got a Hook & 2 verses . He akes pride in his music , it’s been his passion since a child . Growing up on school craft on the west side of Detroit was differen,t but he appreciates the hard route . Nothing comes easy, and he understands the industry & feels he has the talent the Music industry could use as a huge impact on the rap scene.

His style fits in with the old / new with with dreams of creating an album with 90s vibes but also today’s vibes attached one day. He has lost many friends , young & old From the streets , to the system family members also . He recently seen his father for the first time in 17 years who he had a chance to speak with on his birthday. He always made sure if he made money, his mom had it as well.


Artist like 2Pac 50 cent Jay z , Eminem , Ludacris, Nas, Dmx are only a few inspirations. Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Lil Wayne, and Master P, have been some of the biggest influences on his Career . He plans to continue his Journey as a solo artist pushing non stop until he reaches his goal making music for the world to enjoy.

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