Middle EastSide Tmo Doesn't Need "No Rishta" (Upcoming Single)

Gone are the days of arranged couples and marriages... If only that were the truth. A Rishta is a formal meeting in the beginning of an arranged marriage. This is common in the Middle Eastern countries and South Asian countries. Artist Middle EastSide Tmo, a Michigan-based Pakistani-American, had one thing to say to the idea of rishtas: No Rishta. And he meant it too, as he just celebrated getting married this summer to the one he loves.

No Rishta releases on Wednesday, July 21st. Its radio debut will be a milestone for the artist, as this is the first of many times to be broadcasted in his home state. "I've listened to the radio channels growing up," Middle EastSide Tmo shared. "To now hear my own song is going to feel surreal."

Stay tuned for the release!