$Lim Takes Us Back to "Them Swisha Days" (Music)

Michigan-based artist, $Lim, is notorious for showcasing his personality, bringing the vibes towards his audience. He recently celebrated his feature on People's Choice Must Listen to Artists in 2021, broadcasted on Thisis50. In the same month, he took audiences back in the day, them Swisha days to be exact. "Them Swisha Days" is a new release that left us wondering the backstory behind it. When asked to describe its inspiration, $Lim said, "‘Them Swisha Days' was developed after DJ Ill Will produced the beat in front of me. The style of beats he makes allowed me to dig deeper in my thoughts and reminisce on the days when I smoked Swisher Sweets".

Known for connecting with his audience, "Swisha Sweets" is only one of many singles of his that aims to vibe with listeners and leave an impression. Similar to energy and personality-filled artists like Sada Baby and early phases of Lil Wayne, $Lim is confident in who he is as an artist and his music proves it.

Last month, All Hip Hop released yet another list of artists to watch this year. The upcoming months for the rising artists bring nothing less than good news and good music. Stay tuned.

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Stream "Them Swisha Days" below.