$Lim's "Wake N Bake" is a Must-Watch (New Release)

Detroit has been labeled the number one hot spot in hip hop this year with many artists going mainstream. One artist who is well on his way to the top and should not be overlooked is rapper $Lim. Not only is $lim a great songwriter, but he also performs like a superstar as well.

He is a natural. With 2021 kicking off, $Lim has released a record and video titled “Wake n Bake”. The record was produced by Ric and Thadeus Beats and the video was shot by SupparayTV. The song is guaranteed to catch your attention and provide good vibes for all listeners. $Lim has his project “Stoner Poetry 2” slated to release at the end of February and is planning to shake up the music industry with the release.

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