Jon Swaii Breaks Down Memories "Piece by Piece" (Song Review)

Rarely can an artist speak to forgotten spots of listeners' souls. Jon Swaii has the abilities to grasp the hearts of audiences with his lyrical skills and talent for expressing his emotions and messages in words.

Paired with pianos and ambient instrumentals, "Piece by Piece" happens to be one of our favorite song reviews we have done this year. Jon Swaii is that 1% entertainment professionals seek. With his image and flow, there is no telling where his musical gifts will take him.

Official Booth review: 5 stars out of 5 stars. (If we could rate it higher, we would) This song is perfection and currently on repeat. It is difficult to pinpoint who Jon Swaii reminds us of, but we came to this conclusion:

There is no artist out there like Jon Swaii. He possesses his own distinct voice and flow, although we get J Cole and 6lack vibes.

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