Jai Five "Social Distance" x Snap Dogg (New Hit Release)

Hot New Release: "Social Distance"

In the ever changing music industry of today, rising music star Jai Five is boldly taking his place as one of the next great artists of the new generation. He introduces his latest release, “Social Distance” featuring Detroit’s King of Energy, Snap Dogg.

Jai Five’s music is an evenly-infused mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Carribean sounds as the rising superstar can easily be described as a versatile artist. With strong emotional and spiritual elements included in his music, Jai not only connects with people who endured similar childhood struggles as him, but he also shares songs, stories, and experiences that people of all backgrounds can relate to.

From the Red Zone of Detroit’s east side, Jai Five, 18, comes from a very supportive family including seven brothers and two sisters. Jai even notes his father as one of the most encouraging people in his life and his brother Tre Royal, who can always be found right next to him, as a true point of inspiration. Growing up in the church, Jai was a drum player and his mother was a singer, but he never expressed any passion in music early-on, strangely-enough. Although he originally never imagined himself becoming an artist, Jai was determined to pursue a music career after later realizing his hidden talent and true potential to be successful in the industry.

While in high school, he was a dedicated football player preparing to graduate before first beginning his music journey. After the young football player was forced to take a break from the game due to a kidney laceration, he used his time away from the field to tap into his musical talents. Jai would later begin recording original music and sharing it with his friends. When Jai recorded and shared a snippet of his track “​Don’t Run Away,​ ” he earned over 10,000 hits within his first day of posting and garnered much support and encouragement, which helped him realize music was his true calling. After he started to hang with his engineer Makhi more, Jai started participating in Detroit’s popular “Pass The Chord” showcase, which helped him to not only connect with his entire crew, but to also build his confidence and grow as a performer.

Jai went onto partner with Federation Music Group after Floss Alot and Shannon of the label overheard the budding artist delivering original music in the recording booth. While working with FMG and continuing to build a strong fanbase in his hometown, Jai Five opened for Hip-Hop superstar Royce da 5’9” as a part of the rapper’s sold-out show at The Fillmore Detroit, which happens to be one of the city’s top entertainment venues to date. The show turned out to be one of Jai’s biggest performances as he describes the night as being “like a dream” and “surreal.”

Since first beginning his journey as an artist, Jai has become more focused and articulate with his music as he has already learned so much from his experience in the industry. Jai’s experience of working with musicians and professionals-alike has taught him how to better communicate . As Jai continues his journey to becoming one of the greats, he is simply happy to have gotten closer with FMG as he details his partnership with the label as a true family that believes in him to the fullest. In comparison to his versatile sound and talent, Jai Five’s drive to never stop making music has come in abundance and will guide him as he continues to find success in music. With a bright future ahead for himself, Jai Five hopes to change lives and provide further opportunities to others as well.

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