Introducing Rising Female Artist Diamond

Artist Jade Judo sets the tone in the music industry with her captivating flow. This artist is what most call DIFFERENT. She is extremely talented and creative and she can go from a raw flow with witty bars To a melodic smooth sound she is all around a work of art. Growing up in the streets of Detroit she found herself hustling and chasing a dream at a very young age. Jade has had a very tough life and the way she captured the pain through her music is amazing.

Back in 2008, she discovered her poetic side and stepped into the booth and recorded her first track holographic bedroom in a studio for the first time. She met popular producer Helluva in 2009 and he saw her passion and began to work with her exclusively , she then released a street banger featuring producer Helluva called “What It Is" once the streets got a wiff of that cook up she was on her way to stardom this was just the beginning.

Throughout the years she has shocked a lot of folks with her writing skills and in 2019 she touched a sos band track that foxy brown and jay z remixed there selves back in the day and she killed it. Foxy brown reposted the remix to the ill be track Jade Judo did and since then, ms judo has signed a 4 single deal with EthikaMusic and she has been in work mode. Jade Judo has the attention of many different labels and she’s not letting her foot off of necks. This is just the beginning!