We're Ready for iamYP New Album 'Getting Ready Music Vol. 1'

Some people are born to embody music. They take it to new heights while being creative in other aspects of the industry as well. iamYP is a direct result of an artist who embodies his talents and works hard to achieve his success.

He has had a passion for music since his childhood as he grew up around musicians and singers. It is safe to say music has always been a part of his life and culture. iamYP has an upcoming project titled Getting Ready Music Volume 1. The album is as straightforward as it gets, music directed for women who are preparing to go out with the girls.

We all know listening to music while getting ready sets the mood right, and that is exactly what this album does. Other than composing music, iamYP also writes for others. Most notably he has written for one of Fox’s biggest shows, Empire (Season 2, Episode 4). He has also used his talents to partner up with other brands to write for their company as well. To follow iamYP on his journey, you can contact him through Instagram here or email, Legendaryflyy@gmail.com

Stay tuned for Getting Ready Music Volume 1

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