‘Here For a While’ by FL Dinero - [Album Review]

Here for a While is here to stay.

Proudly releasing his newest project, FL Dinero crafted Here for a While. Released the first day of this year, the masterpiece is a combination of multiple genres and vibes for any listener to vibe with.

After listening to all the tracks, I have my feedback ready. The album is here to stay.

5 out of 5 stars.

It is safe to say that just about any music fan can browse through and find their next favorite song. “Here for a While”, the single, was a personal favorite.

There are artists that try the whole “versatile” thing, but a majority do not have those skills. I see artists make different types of songs hoping to gain any potential listener possible, but end up losing their own sound... FL Dinero naturally has that versatility.

Comparing him to any mainstream artists is difficult to do, since his music is how own. Real soon, people will compare themselves to FL Dinero.

The spotlight is currently his and it will be his for a very long while.