Harmini's "Godly Woman" Blesses Listeners w/ a Positive Message

Harmonizing a touch of country and hip hop, Harmini showcases his diverse musical abilities in his single “Godly Woman”, a Christian/Gospel upbeat song that highlights the beauty of a woman of God. The feel-good instrumentals in “Godly Woman” are a hybrid of strings and piano, complemented by Harmini’s singing and rap abilities.

The chorus’s country vibe is followed by rap verses that invite hip hip/urban listeners as well. Reaching many genres and audiences, “Godly Woman” serves as one of the most diverse singles Harmini has released.

As a mogul in the Christian community, Harmini carries a powerful testimony that resonates in his music. Born in Elmira, New York, Dominic “Harmini” Bonsignore was raised in the projects, leading him to a dangerous, negative lifestyle. Giving Glory to God, his chains were broken, was freed from his past, and dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

Now a Hollywood songwriter, scriptwriter, actor, singer, and rapper, he combines his God-given abilities to continuously present audiences with positive, clean music with a message each time. His positive messages go mainstream, as his latest single “This Changes Everything” serves as the main soundtrack in the upcoming film Under the Stadium Lights, featuring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, and more. Recognized in top media outlets like The Source as Top 20 Artists of 2020 and Yahoo’s Most Trusted Entrepreneur in Entertainment, it’s safe to say that the spotlight is on Harmini, and he gives God all the Glory.

In the same manner, Harmini’s “Godly Woman” recognizes the beauty and radiance of women of God, giving God the Glory.