GinoThaPharaoh Has a "Ring" to Him (New Release)

Gino began learning production at 11 years old.

He has toured dozens of cities, performing live from the west coast to the east coast. GinothaPharaoh always makes an impression.

"It's got to have a ring to it."

The release of his new single Ring had an interesting inspiration.

"The way "Ring" came about is actually such a pun, to be honest," Gino tells us. "I remember sitting down with myself like, I need to focus on making a song that just has that hype feel about it, being that I had been in a melancholy mood."

The self-taught multitalented individual has several specialties. At the age of 11, he began learning production. Gino went on to get his graduate degree in Audio Engineering. As the co-owner of Pharaoh Gang Gold Studios, he blesses others' music as well. If you haven't heard his sound yet, well, it has a ring to it.

He continues to say, "I took that literally and honestly from complete strangers hearing me play It out in public to my closest inner circle, I knew that I had something with this song."

Interested in seeing visuals, I asked if there may perhaps be an official music video on the way. Gino shares, "I’m one that goes off of the universe's energy and its correlation to my physical and spiritual self. So with that being said, I definitely have plans to release the video here beyond soon."

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"I’ll also take this opportunity to just inform everyone to take precautions, stay safe, and check up on your friends & loved ones daily. Nothing is promised but a maybe.” - GinoThaPharaoh