Remember the Name: Rising Artist Tone Da Boss (Interview)

Hailing from Cedar Rapids, IA, Tone Da Boss is an artist whose talent has currently brought awareness to important, relatable topics.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve" he tells us. "I talk about things that people can relate to, and a lot of the times they are afraid to admit."

In this interview with The Booth Magazine, Tone Da Boss speaks on his struggles during this year, inspirations behind his music, and advice to other aspiring artists.


Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

My latest releases are "Fear", "Anxiety & Depression", "Stuck Inside", and "Free". All available on all streaming platforms. This year, I went through a lot outside of the pandemic, and BLM. I went through a divorce, I lost two houses, lost my job of 9 years, and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression all during the quarantine. So my latest album addresses those things and I make them relatable to the rest of the world.

What is unique about you and your music?

The unique thing about me and my music is I am able to speak to the everyday person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and talk about things that people can relate to, that they are afraid to admit. Everything from mental health to insecurities, to being into anime and marvel.

What shaped your music?

Music has been a reflection of my inner thoughts, my ambitions and desires, but also a way to focus my anger, to reflect on good and bad decisions, and form something creative and positive that I can be proud of after.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Right now I’m still doing music for me, I enjoy being able to tell my story and express myself artistically. I could absolutely write a professional commercial album as I’ve wrote for others in the past, but my music is just for me and those who can relate, not the masses.

What type of music do you listen to?

Every genre, r&b, pop, rock, country almost everything but rap. I like to rap, but the climate of where music is doesn’t fit my taste.

What inspires you to write music?

My emotions inspire me to write. Before I react to anything I always weigh out several options and respond, music allows me to play into extreme scenarios and also be an exaggerated version of myself. I either get to express myself artistically, or I get to become the character I desire to be at that time.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

When I'm not doing music, I'm volunteering in the community, doing web and graphic design, being a father, or helping other people with their passions.

Happiness to you is…

Happiness to me is peace, family, listening to good music and laughing.... oh and Anime! I love Anime!

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

I wish someone told me hire a manager, doing everything yourself can ware you out. In order to create a buzz in music, I had to learn how to do everything but perfect my craft. I had to learn how to market, distribute, brand, do web and graphic design, promote, and so much more that took away from the actual art and became a business.

Tell us about your upcoming projects... My upcoming album is called 'Antonio'. It shows a different side of me, and it's all based on real events from my trials in 2020. It's fun, it's sad, it's raw, and tells a story. For the first time ever in music, I'm not trying to drop the hottest verse, or do 100 punchlines and double entendras. It's not an experiment, it's not me being a character, or an exaggerated version of myself. I'm being me, the good, the bad, the ugly, I'm giving it my all.

Where do we find you music / music projects?

My music is available on all streaming platforms search Tone Da Boss on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play everything. Just Tell Alexa or Siri “play Tone Da Boss”! You can also follow me and my team on Updated weekly with new music, videos, comedy sketches, and podcasts.

Any last words for the readers?

Tone Da Boss, T1 Entertainment, Top Tier Everythang, remember the name!

Stream music below!