Exclusive Interview: JuiceKarter Drops 2 Mixtapes In 1 Day

With all of the new music that has been released this year from artists across the country, there has been one music scene full of some of the dopest artists in hip hop - the Carolinas. Carolina fans have been blessed with a QUANTITY of new QUALITY music in the month of may by major label artists like J. Cole, and Toosii. In addition, a buzzing radio hitmaker from the independent side of the music industry surprised his fans with 2 new mixtapes within minutes of each other - he goes by the name of JuiceKarter, from Rock Hill, South Carolina.

After hearing about Smack Em Radio naming JuiceKarter as a “guaranteed Top 5 upcoming artist in the US”, we decided to tap into the world of JuiceKarter and his independent record label Rise Up Music Group to see what the hype was all about:

BM: Welcome to Booth Magazine, Juice! It’s definitely a pleasure to have you here today for a much needed check in on your current mixtape release campaign. What is the #1 factor on why you released 2 mixtapes in one day?

JK: I feel like my fans have been waiting patiently enough since I last released my previous tape “Sincere”, so I wanted to give them a quantity of quality new music to listen to. Especially now that the country is starting to open back up, I’ve been itching to tour again so I wanted to get back into that ambiance of releasing music, touring and meeting fans in person.

BM: With everything going on as far as COVID restrictions and venue limitations, have you planned a tour yet? Or has it been hard to book concerts?

JK: Honestly, it’s been pretty easy since I have a lot of relationships with different venues and promoters. Right now, we’re more so targeting the southeast region of the US, and California. So far, we have 3 shows booked in the month of June to celebrate the mixtape release. 2 of those are in Atlanta where venue’s have been pretty much wide open lately.

BM: Congratulations! Now, let’s get into this first mixtape “So Gone”! What made you come up with the title?

JK: In the past several years, I feel like I’ve gone through so much growth down a road less traveled to a point to where I feel like I’m physically and mentally far away from where I started. I remember recording my first song in 9th grade of 2009, performing at a local club in my hometown of Rock Hill, South Carolina during my senior year of high school - to even signing my first record deal with M. Republik Music Group the next year in 2013. I’ve gone through so many different phases and levels of elevation in life to now be in a position where I looked back at all I’ve been through and realized… damn I’m ‘so gone’..

BM: That’s deep! Especially during the song “Me, Myself and I” - I can hear your explanation of the type of home you dream of, the lifestyle that you want for yourself, but then family and friends turned on you on your way to the top when you mentioned “your own blood turn water, at times I can’t believe”. The song itself reminds me of “Me, Myself and I” by Beyonce. Is that where you got the influence from?

JK: Most definitely is where I drew the inspiration from (laughs). I was listening to the song and paid attention to the beat and was like - ‘damn.. This is really my style’. So, I looked up the instrumental and originally recorded over the Me, Myself and I beat and then my production team led by Fabian Fib from Suriname, South America created an original beat for the song and replaced the beat. That’s dope you caught that! (laughs)

BM: That’s very interesting to even have the ability to be creative over a classic song like that in a time where rappers have a hard time remaining creative and original on the most simple beats! Where did you learn to become creative, and original as an artist?

JK: Thanks.. I grew up listening to Jay-Z, Boosie, Nelly, 50 Cent, DMX, Curren$y and others that all had their own original style that they gave to the culture. I remember watching how they dressed, the beats they got on, and how they created their own cult following which made a huge influence on how I wanted to approach the music business at an early age.

BM: So, the 2nd mixtape “From Sunset With Life” where you collaborated with Nigerian artist TomXine brought us an entirely different vibe! This project was the best sonically sounding reggae album we have ever listened to in the last 15 years minimum! I also saw that TomXine is a signed artist under your record label, Rise Up Music Group. Tell us more about TomXine and how this project came about?

JK: TomXine was an artist that caught my attention from a blogger named Mudino out of Nigeria that did an article on me around 2013 or 2014. It wasn’t until 2019 when he contacted me about a new artist from Nigeria that I should work with named TomXine, and I was like ‘dope, send me his music’.. And the music actually surprised me on how talented TomXine truly was when it

came to making real timeless hits - back to back.

BM: Yes, his music is for sure timeless! Now that you have 2 new mixtapes out, will we be expecting a new music video or VLOG series?

JK: Yes, we’re currently working on shooting videos to “Elevate” and a few more but definitely expect a music video coming out anytime soon.

As you can see, we are extremely excited to hear amazing and new music from JuiceKarter as much as you are and will be updating on new releases from the Carolina rapper! Follow JuiceKarter below to stay updated:

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