Drake x Chris Brown Collab Album? We're Here for It

Name the two biggest artists to date. Well, the answer varies depending on who you

ask, but two guys that you can surely hear in a lot of those answers are Drake and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown recently joined Fat Joe on his Instagram Live podcast and when faced with the question of whether he and Drake would be releasing a collab album, Chris replied, “It’s coming.” If in fact, this album comes out, we can expect multiple Billboard hits from the project. Let's hope it comes soon! See live below.

Sidenote: This is surprising, as the two extremely talented artists are known to have had a feud over Rihanna, who just so happened to have dated both. This beef ended after years when Chris Brown released a smash hit “No Guidance” featuring Drake, which charted on the Billboards top 100.

The past is the past. If indeed a collab album releases, we are totally here for it. Tissues ready and all.

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