Christian Artist Kamalzi Tops Charts in Top 20 Rising Artists of 2020 & More

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri comes an artist that many will soon be familiar with, Kamalzi. Kamalzi is a Christian Hip-Hop artist who found his talent in music and is using it to spread God’s message with those who lend an ear.

His music aims to uplift, encourage, and motivate all listeners. Discovering his talent for music has since landed Kamalzi nominations such as for Best Male Gospel Hip-Hop Artist of 2020 and listed on Top 20 Rising Artists of the Year on The Source.

Kamalzi’s music goes further than just the U.S. as it has reached many across the globe. The global attention received has placed Kamalzi on CFN radio show, Hype Magazine, and more.

One of his biggest achievements coming in the near future is the Hollywood placement he has received.

Kamalzi will have a single featured in the upcoming Hollywood film Brother’s Keeper, which is full of A-list celebrities such as Laurence Fishburne and Milo Gibson. Kamalzi’s 4 Jehovah has reached this milestone proudly, and the artist looks forward to his bright future. | Instagram: @kamalzi

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