Breast Cancer Survivor Dominating The Urban Latin Scene

Zulia Barrios 14 min read

Kristiany Marie Vissepo Lopez known professionally as DJ LA MOON, is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter born In Nacodogches, TX raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. La Moon’s music is predominantly known for reggaeton, dembow, trap and alchemizing them into pop but has also found many successes experimenting with a variety of other genres including EDM and hip-hop. In 2020, the Puerto Rican singer was most known for phenomenal tracks like,Algo sexual, Damawan, Violenta, and Lunática -- Remix.

DJ La Moon and her new song “Poseer,” from the collaborative album Las Mas Violentas with our favorite co-star Ayo Tamz, is a personal favorite from many fans of fans. La Moon establishes the Puerto Rican-grown bachata sound as her number one but dallies with styles of eighties synthwave in Aye Papi and greets sweet nonentities from subtle drumkits. Meanwhile in other songs from Las Mas Violentas likeParque de Agua,” is a combination of both over the top sexiness and vulgarness with immediate catchiness after the first listen – bequeathing its deserving title as a hit sensation.

La Moon holds many victories under her belt, her latest life changing victory was battling and defeating breast cancer. After relocating from Puerto Rico to Texas, the artist built her own homegrown buzz in Austin’s urban Latin culture. La Moonis favorably recognized for her sensual yet prominent lively carefree poise. Not only is La Moon's social presence phenomenal offline but it is also online. The Latin singer has been recognized on a plethora of notable publications such as: The Austin Chronicle, Austin Monthly, Boss Babes, Urban Flow Music, Noisey's VICE and many more! There are plenty more goodies for you all to learn more about this captivating upcoming pop star.

Check out my exclusive in-depth interview with the Puerto Rican Artist DJ LA MOON

Zulia Barrios: CONGRATULATIONS ON KICKING CANCER’S ASS! You are the Puerto Rican goddess who will continue to inspire the world. I will always admire how strong, determined and loving you have been to the people around you. You have an aura that’s so tender and welcoming.

I had great pleasure mingling with you during the dark hours of Covid-19. At its highest peak of 2020 you have gotten to experience all the madness firsthand. From various show cancellation to the surprising uproars in your personal and business affairs.

What was your most challenging life experience, musically and personally? How did you overcome these situations?

DJ LA MOON: My most challenging life experience has to be beating breast cancer, especially my breasts removal surgery. I had never experienced level 10 pain ( I felt that various occasions) during my first week and a half of recovery. I have another fat grafting surgery coming up next if I decide to reconstruct my breast. They told me this will be more painful and be a longer recovery. To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it. I overcame cancer by praying and visioning myself healthy, happy and thriving in life.

My family and friends also made this whole journey better.

My most challenging musical experience was getting the courage to start singing and recording original music. Ayo Tamz twitted me “Lets make music” and I was like “come over,” at the time she lived down the street and just like that we recorded “Violenta." I have always been in the recording studios in Miami, New York and Puerto Rico watching other artist do their thing and even help writing and stuff, so I took that tweet as a sign.

ZB: WOW! I am lost of words with how stong you are. You are definitely one of the stongest women I know. To overcome something so devestating is truly remarkable. Congratulations! I really love your name Kristiany Marie Vissepo Lopez.

How did you get your name DJ LA MOON? What does that name mean to you?

DJLM: Aw, thank you! I always used my first name as my DJ name, DJ Kristiany while I lived in Puerto Rico and Miami. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, I moved to New York because I got booked to DJ in New Jersey and I noticed that no one could pronounce my real name. I knew that was going hinder my bookings and people remembering me. So, I chose DJ la Moon because It’s in Spanglish and I DJ Spanish and English music, I'm always up at night, the whole club scene is nocturnal and it sounded hot too.

ZB: In your interview with Boss Babes (BossBabes.Org), you mention that you didn’t begin your music career until you graduated college. Congrats on obtaining your degree in kinesiology!

How did you transition from kinesiology to the music/entertainment business?

DJLM: With my kinesiology degree I earned in Puerto Rico, I started giving bootcamp classes on the beach. I wanted a DJ spinning during my class, but they were charging an amount I couldn’t afford, so I bought DJ equipment, speakers and all the equipment I needed. I wanted to have a dope mix with specific songs and I started watching YouTube and I learned how to DJ. I hired my friend that was model at the time to fake DJ while I gave the class. Doing that I really fell inlove with DJing and I was dying to spin at a club.

ZB: Haha that's funny. Let’s dig a little deeper into the music of DJ La Moon. You have an incredible body of works in your music catalog released and unreleased. Personally, I really like the way your songs make me feel. A lot of your lady fans say that they make them feel carefree, sexy and in charge. On the behalf of our english audience, please define what “Bichota” means.

How was it like working with the creative director Eric Sattler (@NvisionFilms) on the music video? Explain to us the creative process of creating this song and why did you decide to use ski masks and only women?

DJLM: So, Bichota means female drug lord. In my song “Bichota” I am saying that I am a drug lord of beats, since I DJ and stuff, I supply the bangers for the dance floor. The producer SYOC hit me up through instagram and wanted me to get on his beat. It was a dope beat and I really loved my voice and the way I interpreted the song. I think it’s a bop.

I have worked previously on the “Guayarte” music video with Eric Sattler and I love how easy it is talk to him. He is so chill, professional, great eye, creative and all around a wonderful person. He gets my vision and that is very important to me. The cover art I decided to do a photoshoot with the ski mask and go with that hot baddie vibe. I only wanted women in the video because of the context of the lyrics of the song and I love making music for my bad b******.

ZB: I have to say the music video was phenomenal and very creative. What is your favorite song on the project Las Mas Violentas?

DJLM: My favorite is the classic "Violenta" because It really is a bop and catchy. I had the best time recording it with Ayo Tamz drinking some good rosé, but I also love “Aye Papi” it’s a sexy, chill, effortless and cute song. I honestly love them all though.

What influenced you to create the project Las Mas Violentas?

DJLM: What influenced to create the EP was that Ayo Tamz and I have a blast making music together and getting creative. I believe that our supporters get really excited when we perform on stage and make music. We had at the time already done 3 songs (Violenta, Jordyn Woods and Poseér) and producers kept sending beats for both of us to get on. So we felt it was a great idea to release the EP and give our people what they want. More of Las Más Violentas.

Define your relationship with Ayo Tamz. How did you guys meet?

DJLM: We met through her boyfriend Ram. He met me in Spitshine when he was recording my boyfriend Sam Sage. He told me that I should meet his girl Ayo Tamz because he knew we would vibe and get along. He gave me her number. And I think I texted her that week. She invited me to an event in Scratchouse where she was selling her clothes and we met in person. We instantly clicked and we noticed we lived super close and we kept in contact ever since. I appreciate Ayo Tamz friendship because not only is she super fun, trusting and not judgmental. She is caring and she was one of the first friends I told that I had a lump in my breast and has visited me during my whole cancer journey. She is amazing!

ZB: In the Song “Enfermo,” my favorite line is “Pensando que si no volveras Es que Yo Soy un enfermo sin tu amor…” It translates to if you don't come back, I am sick without your love.

I thought that was so sad and relatable with a lot of people’s relationships.

Could you explain the meaning behind this song? Who or what inspired you to write this song?

DJLM: This song has all the feels. It’s about a real break up I had. Even though I was not showing that I felt empty and heart broken, I put on a mask and acted like I was fine and over him. However, once Principe Q and I were in the studio in Corpus Christi, Texas.

That was the fourth song I recorded that day which I also free-styled on it. All of my emotions and true feelings fell out into this song. I even shed tears while recording it. Recording “Enfermo” is what actually made me realized that I really loved my ex and I was missing him.

I know a lot of people have felt that way. A lot of my supporters were moved by it. What I love about Principe Q’s beats is that not only are they musically bad***, the production is insanely good. They really hit hard with my soul and they are easy to sing and write too.

Exploring your YouTube Channel. What was Bath Time Chat about?

DJLM: I Meditate everyday when I take a bath or shower and I really felt elevated, confident, relaxed, clear, happy and powerful after my meditations. I started vloging my thoughts and feelings.

What song would you recommend to first time listeners?

DJLM: It’s a tie, either “Algo Sexual” or “Violenta”. If they don’t know Spanish, I recommend “La Villa

If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

DJLM: This is so tough, but it has to be Rihanna. I can already imagine the song and the music video. I will make her sing in Spanish. She embodies ultimate bad b**** energy!

How do you like the music atmosphere here in Austin, Texas? Do you think it is fair for all demographics, races or musical genre’s? Are the any changes you would make to Austin a better place for musical artists like yourself?

DJLM: Austin has amazing talent. It’s not fair for all the demographics and musical genres, but we shouldn’t be discourage about it because life in general is unfair you just have to know your greatness, respect your talent and push through. Create events or spaces with other artist to showcase. It could be online or in-person.

What is a secret that nobody knows about DJ LA MOON?

DJLM: I have traveled for a weekend by myself and never told anyone, I didn’t post it on my social

media and I’m going to keep the destination to myself.

What advise could you share for any upcoming artist trying to be successful in the music industry?

DJLM: My advice is to enjoy your journey in creating and performing your music and don’t get caught up in timelines or worrying why you haven’t made it yet. You will and trust your talent and your power. Have a lawyer to read your contracts.

What more can we expect to see from DJ LA MOON in 2021?

DJLM: You can expect more music and more music videos. Performing live and traveling to Los Angles and South Korea. Stay Tuned!

ZB: Thank you for sharing your time with me La Moon! It is always a pleasure to absorb the wisdom you have. You are light! I am really excited for what you 2021 has in store for you. You rock!

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