"Boy Wonda" is an upcoming voice in today's music and media culture. He is not only passionate for the arts, but he also has a big heart for people. After realizing the struggle and pain within today's culture, Boy Wonda recognized that sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And he realized that sometimes it is very difficult to be a light to people when the world is suppressed by so much evil and darkness. However, after pondering these thoughts, the rap artist concluded that when darkness abounds - light has the opportunity to shine the most.

Throughout the years, ''Boy Wonda'' has risen up to make his mark in the music industry. The rapper has definitely faced hardships along the way, and has even received a cold shoulder from people he thought would be willing to support him. However, that did not stop him from chasing the dream that God placed in his heart. As he continued pressing forward, he found himself in a fortunate position to start his own Independent company called No Grind No Glory Music Group™. The company is based out of Central Florida, and is gaining more and more attention each year.

Boy Wonda's latest release "BUST A MOVE", which was produced by Daniel ''Vega'' Cruz, is now available on all digital and social media platforms! The song has also been picking up major waves on some of your favorite Radio Stations. You can catch it in heavy rotation on the #1 FM Radio Station in Huntsville, Alabama. It is also currently airing on the No More Dirty Radio Show on 103.1FM, We Up, 88.5 WMNF Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop, Blood Bought, His Hop Radio, and many other credible radio programs. "Our goal is to make an IMPACT on the world with this contagious movement to inspire others to grind for HIS Glory" the rapper said. It's very clear that this rising artist is on a mission to direct people to the God he both loves and serves.

In recent years, Boy Wonda decided to extend his entrepreneurship and began branching out to create his own apparel line and film company. He has officially started working on his first project and is aiming that project towards the film Industry. The rapper stated that "We firmly take pride in governing ourselves to be a Positive Influence, Encouraging others to succeed in life. It is our personal conviction to lead people on the road to success by following their God given dreams, while simultaneously giving them guidance through the music we create and reaching out to our communities". Ladies and gentleman, this is a vision worth supporting.

''Let's dive in the culture, disrupt the vultures that's picking their minds.''

- Boy Wonda

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