Balistic Man 'Guilty' Album is on Another Level - #TheBoothBangers

Introducing Balistic Man

One of the toughest states, if not the toughest, to make a name for yourself in this music industry is New York. Rising out of Buffalo, New York, Balistic Man defied all odds and became a major powerhouse as an individual entity.

Balistic Man (pictured right)

He has been doing music for nearly 15 years and also is an actor. After being released from federal prison, Balistic Man put all of his focus and energy into his passion for music, and it is safe to say that was the right move for him to make. With major collaborations under his belt, more recently a new track featuring Benny The Butcher titled "Body Not Found", Balistic Man continues to move up the ranks.

Introducing Guilty

In addition, he has an album titled Guilty, which was produced by multi-platinum Toronto-based producers #80Empire. His album features many great artists such as Benny The Butcher, Gorilla Nems, Chris Rivers (the son of Big Pun), Ali Vegas, YouTube star Young Pharaoh and more. It is out now on all streaming platforms. The work does not stop there.

Balistic Man is gearing up for a new album, film and more in 2021.

You can reach the rising star at for any inquiries. 

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