"Armed and Dangerous" - Chapo Corleone Introduces EP 'Out My Body'

Chapo Corleone is a Detroit native. Since the age of 5, Chapo has basically been raised in recording studios. The studios intrigued him so much he found himself automatically drawn as he got older. With an influential young mind, Chapo began to write his own lyrics.

As time went by and the air waves were flooded with a ‘new’ sound of hip-hop, he started to find his way. By the age of twelve he started recording testing and improving his skills. Chapo sound is raw, real and heartfelt as move to motivate the youth.

In 2019, Chapo Corleone release his first project for the world to hear on all digital formats entitled, ‘Cursed Dreams’. The first single was called, ‘From The Streets’. The video debut on Youtube spring of 2019. The second single called ‘Money Dreams’ was put on the soundtrack of the movie (Code of thieves).

Chapo Corleone has embraced his life experiences, manhood and his gift. The likes of Jay-Z and the late Nippsey Hustle are Chapo’s influences. Also, his name brings notice due to the familiarity of the golden days of mobster movies. See, Chapo is the New Musical Phenom that loves mobster movies. Chapo’s NEW 2021 Release Ep - Out My Body Drops on June 4th On all DIGITAL platforms! “Armed & Dangerous” is the lead single that is produced by Twano.