Mixing Contests For Engineers

This could be like a classifieds Directory of Studios, Producers, Managers, Blogs, Radios, Playlists, Etc. That pay for a slot here.  It could all be categorized and organized by state, or Region (Midwest, West Coast, Etc.) 

Beat Remake Contests

Remake a beat for an artist or producer to release a remix to a track, or make beats to artists acapellas

Song Contests

10-12 artists record verses to a producers beat with a supplied theme or content, and then the producer/engineer picks the best and they all release a song together?

These are ideas that could all be released by The Booth Magazine as a record label if you wanted as well to kind of be a magazine as well as a talent agency basically making moves and putting opportunities together for independent musicians to give them a drive and to show them how big collaboration can be for them on the way up.