Mixing Contests For Engineers

This could be like a classifieds Directory of Studios, Producers, Managers, Blogs, Radios, Playlists, Etc. That pay for a slot here.  It could all be categorized and organized by state, or Region (Midwest, West Coast, Etc.) 

Beat Remake Contests

Remake a beat for an artist or producer to release a remix to a track, or make beats to artists acapellas

Song Contests

10-12 artists record verses to a producers beat with a supplied theme or content, and then the producer/engineer picks the best and they all release a song together?

These are ideas that could all be released by The Booth Magazine as a record label if you wanted as well to kind of be a magazine as well as a talent agency basically making moves and putting opportunities together for independent musicians to give them a drive and to show them how big collaboration can be for them on the way up.


We welcome text, video, and audio submissions by aspiring artists, talents, hosts, models, and just about anyone ready to be in the spotlight!

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